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RGBN is hosting the public consultation on Reading's Climate Change Strategy
The Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP) is a sub group of the Reading Local Strategic Partnership which will help to develop and deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy and the Reading Climate Change Strategy. In January 2012 it began the process of developing a new Climate Change Strategy to run from 2013 to 2020. We have collected stakeholder input for the strategy at two events so far, in January and June 2012. On 1st November 2012 the draft strategy to 2020 was launched and a final consultation period opened to collect stakeholder feedback prior to the launch of the final strategy in September 2013. To register for the launch, visit http://rmbocc2013.eventbrite.co.uk/
The draft strategy and the questionnaire for feedback can be found here.
You can also have your say on what the Climate Change Strategy should comprise through the RGBN website. To join the consultation, visit the RCCP area to view and comment on all the background documents and then use the RCCP forums to find out about the key strategic themes and add your views. Registered users can subscribe to any of these forums so that you will receive an email alert when any new content is contributed. To subscribe to a page or forum topic, simply click the "subscribe" link. If you would like to subscribe to all forum posts under a forum theme, you can do this by altering the settings in your account: select "my account" from the left hand tool bar, then "subscriptions" then "categories" and then click the ones that interest you.
You can also follow Reading Climate Change Partnership on Twitter using the link in the left hand menu bar, and tweet from your own account about RGBN content by clicking the Twitter icon at the bottom of the relevant page.
All who live or work in Reading are welcome to contribute to development of the Climate Change Strategy. And in other areas of the site you can still find general hints, tips and discussions on all aspects of green business.

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