Feed-in tariffs update - 22nd March 2012


The government finally lost its appeal in the Supreme Court against the ruling that its Feed in Tariff cuts were unlawful, meaning that anybody who installed an eligible microgeneration system between 12th December 2011 and 4th March 2012 will receive Feed-In tariff payments at the original rate of up to 43p per KWH.

Feed in tariffs will in any case by reduced by up to 50% for all new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 4th March 2012 (sliding scale applies, you can find it here).

From April 2012, energy efficiency measures will have to be taken before a property becomes eligible for FiT payments.

New multi-installation tariff of 80% will still apply to aggregated solar PV schemes.

Those already receiving FiTs will not see a reduction in their payments.

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